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Slowly getting a bid more time, so started on the tacho bracket.
Wanted to use as many Motom parts there is, so reused peaches of the cut frond fork.
Slowly it is getting shape......
Welded a peace of the front fork. (you see the brass inner tube at the beginning)
Cut the mounted bracket from the original headlight.
Made a round holder for the tacho.
And start to weld it all in its place.
You see the direction I'm going.
Welded it completely, certainly need to grind it better (but that is for later)
Curved number plate holder to give it a bid more aerodynamic.

Need to turn it a touch to let the number plate go tight around the tacho.
Completely welded.

Impression of the curve and tacho.
Here with number plate nicely bent.
Still large for a Motom, but with the cuve it looks less massive.
Need to raise the tank to keep the lines correct so made some extensions.
Here tacked into its place.
Completely welded.
Took here outside to see the end result.
Still nice tight lines.
Front is looking good.
I'm pleased with the results, also the airscope comes out nice.
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