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Sometimes you get in touch with your new project in a somewhat special way.
When I was buying a Motom frame with the 18 inch wheels (planning to use them on my road going Motom) turns out that this seller had a lot more Motom parts than only a frame where I came for.
He had a whole Motom racer (project in the making) and a lot of Motom parts for sale too. I gave it a quick look, and we agreed with the total price.

Now suddenly I had a second Motom racer to finish.
But it's a great start, and a very good base.

I just want to mention that this project is started by a real Motom enthusiast, but sadly he past away due to an illness.
His name was Pieter Stoffels (From Meijel)
Here you have everything I bought
Because there were some burn marks on the frame I needed to know if the frame was good to use.
Cleaned it with a grinder so I could inspect it all.
You can see some dents and markings, but in big lines all is good.
From the right side.
From the left side.
It got a nice classic front fork.
Great front brake.
Air cooling.
Special rear
Air scoop (at the rear)
Special gear shift system.
It looks like a special exhaust.
Well trough time I will see what other parts came with this project.
But first I need to finish my road going Motom
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