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So a Motom Engine on eBay. It which had a gear oil pump and larger valves.
It was clean and good looking so I thought lets use this engine for a nice special. At least the base is good, will see how it goes ones I have it here with me.
Got it at home.
It should be a gear oil pump, as there is no bold at the clutch side.
Sadly transport wasn't kind to the engine, need to sort that out.
Rockerarms with return springs.
Larger valves.
1) 15mm Exhaust
2) 18mm inlet
New Piston. (42mm)
And the gear oil pump.
But the nasty dent needed to go, let's see how far I can remove it.
Made a tapper that is close to the internal diameter and clamped the head between my lathe.
By heating it up and pressing at the same time.
I pushed the dent out, cleaned it and grind the internal diameter, nice to a 18mm.
Then I put it between a turnable center, and machine the outside diameter.
To make the front ice and tight I cut 1,5mm from top so it's nice and round.
It's not like new, buts it is round again and straight.
I like it.
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