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Next step is to make her running.
This will take some time because now we need to solve all the small problems.
Ignition wire clamped
Then soldered
Timing 30 degree mark
New exhaust, blocking point.
Opened her up.
Welded a new mounting point.
Looking good.
Found a old RPM meter (Kreidler)
Looed inside to clean her up.
Not bad.
Need to work this idea out.
First, I needed to make a plug, while spinning with the drill I noticed Oil is coming from the shaft
It will have a O-ring to seal off.
This is it.
Mounted it inside the shaft.
Start of a spacer.
Looks better.
Then I pushed her outside to see how the exhaust looks and the stand
Made them vertical as I could
Well, on an a cold April, she made here first sound
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