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Because its relatively easy for me to go to the paint shop made some pictures throughout this process.

Lets go.....
First the large dents need to be taken case off.
And they are there
Getting close
Looking tight.
Next step is to pearl blast the parts to see how they are without the paint.
Looking good.
Clean of paint
Also looking tight
All good.
No rust.
great starting point.
Fender also great
Getting all parts in the primer before the next step
Tank in the primer
Top half in the primer
Fener in the primer
Getting the parts ready for painting
The last work
Almost there.
Final primer
Good job.
Great tight fender
Now it's time for the final paint "fire red" old school color.
Very tight.
Almost a peach of art
Love it.
Ready for mounting
Absolutely a great job, thanks
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