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Tried a second attempt to get a better front pipe, but I can't get the lines right.
This time I tried less curves and more straight, but it doesn't have the looks what I want.
Need to find an other solution......
Started with less curves
But the final looks are not good
Didn't weld it completely, as its still not looks  what I'm looking for.
Update: 12-06-2020

Had to work out the exhaust, as getting my hands on an already made Motom exhaust turns out to be difficult. So started with some ideas, not saying this is the end result but it's a start.....
The first idea is to make a big fat end cone to see how that looks.
Drawing the cone on a sheet metal plate.
Cut out, ready for bending.
First part tapping by hand.
Then start roling.
One big end cone.
Flatten it so it looks tight.
Not happy with the end result, its way too big.
It definitely needs to be smaller, so cut the cone from an old moped with a diameter of about 70mm to see how that looked.
First impression, was way better.
Welded it completely, because its thick metal I can grind it a lot to smooth it out.
After grinding the result looks more like this.
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