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One thing my Motom needs is a mechanical rev counter, what most racers in the 50's had. With a nice bronze drive and the white with black rev counter.
I bought a set and it will be a challenge to make it fit and work.
Lets see how far i will come.
My bought revcounter in the box.
Starting point.
Cut some aluminium.
Mounted in my lathe.
A nice center hole.
Close to the middle.
An old peach off aluminium is getting a new life.
The idea.
Holes every 45 degrees.
Extending the nut (centered with a 8mm drill).
Machining the outside to 10mm.
Clamp the 10mm in the mill (so its center) then clamp the nut.
Exactly in the center.
Fist cut, looks like its working.
Everytime small cuts.
Untill i got deep enough.
It looks all right.
A brass spacer.
Holes for the drive holder.
The mounting plate.
I should be posible.
Made a tool. (10mm inside 16mm outside)
To keep it in the center.
Should be good like this.
Its a bid off center on the flywheel cover, but thats OK.

Just for the impression, need to buy some new bolts.
Its a little bid wide to the side, I can gain about 8mm by shortening the driver pickup point
Today I could do a bid more work, made the spacer a tiny bid smaller so the bolts fit and made a small bracket for the rev counter.
It could be that throughout time this will be changed as it looks a bid big, but for now it will hold.
Made the spacer a tiny bid smaller so the bolds fit.
Starting with the bracket.
It looks not special, but will do the job.
Will be painted red.
Bracket mounted.
Revcounter mounted.
You see, I need the space for the 90 degrees angle.
Almost in the middle, but it looks great.
From the side front.
From the side back.
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