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It's time to take here apart and make here pretty again.
Will repair damaged parts, weld hols (that are not needed) etc etc.
With a bit of luck I have it paint ready end of this week.

Will see how it goes.
Here she is she does not know what will happen.
Rear seat gone.
Engine gone.
Tank and small parts gone.
stearing gone.
Front wheel and fender gone
Forks gone
Rear fender gone
Back wheel gone
All parts that needs to be painted.
Time to repair some unwanted holes. Keep in mind this is not a restoration project, it just needs to look good.
So I could do it with some quick MIG welds and grind them clean again.
Front fender holes.
MIG welded.
Start grinding.
Both sides
Sand it quickly.
My mis drilled hole.
MIG welded.
Grind it
Well have brought the parts to the painter, and he made some pictures for me to show.
I must say I'm impressed it looks great very tight.
Frame in primer.
fender and tank in primer
All other parts in primer.
Frame red.
Rear fender red.
Front fender red.
Tank red
Fork red
Toolbox red
Also pearl blast the aluminium parts
Looking very clean.
Start with mounting parts back
Front fork.
Front fender.
Front wheel.
Getting there.
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