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Well I bought a Motom with an active Dutch license plate so I can test drive the ideas that I have without getting into problems.
The idea is not to make it into a huge project, but it needs to look Motom worthy.
Here you have a Nice Motom 48 C
Was looking for a Sport or Junior but sadly these are getting too expensive so this will need to do the job.
At least it has e the active licensplate.
A nice stock running 48 C engine.
Of course I started with mounting parts that I had lying around.
As it needs to look a little bid better
Thinking off:
1) Lower handlebars or clip on
2) Sport seat
3) Foot rest (pedals removed)
4) Different front fender
5) White number plates to give it a more race/sport look
6) Etc.
Here is the Sport seat mounted
Lifted the tank to close gap between seat and tank
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