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Ignition changing is something I like to test/try so the Zappa engine will hopefully do the job. (as ignition timing can be adjusted at the outside)
The idea is to see/feel what 20 till 30 degrees does to the engine
So need to have a clear ignition point for the timing light.
First clean up the flywheel
Took about 0,4mm off.
It came out nice and tight.
Looking good.
Made a TDC marking on the flywheel.
wanted to drill, but went for a stripe marking.
The long mark is TDC the rest is 10, 20, 30, 40 degrees
Checked it, and it's spot on.
Time to change the ignition cover, into something special.
There we go
Not bad, but it needs more.
Tight with the roundings.
Want to make a ignition timing light window
Start cuttting.
Almost there.
Its stating to look on something nice.
But it needs more, a nice center hole to see the flywheel turning
The idea.
Almost done.
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