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A real Motom racer had a special tank, it was longer than the Sport tank used on the production road bikes.
To make something special I tried to find a tank that had the similar shape, a Mival tank has some similar roundings so started from there.
The tank is too small at the front so had to open here up
You see something off the drup shape in it.
Well, first cuts are made.
I could now place it to see how she looks
Not bad but it misses the special cut out the real Moton tanks has.
So start cutting the top
Start making the replacement top
Dubbel welded
Don't have the real dimension so I just kept it 90mm by 200mm
Welded the side's
Keep in mind it has to look hand made so not that precise
Cut the roundings out
Well, it needs to be placed somewhere here
First impression from the back
At the front, it's not too wide, but certainly not too small
From the Left
From the Right
Certainly worth working this tank out, and see how the end result will be
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