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A typical modification in the 50's was to cut the rear fender and use that part for making it higher so you have a race seat.
You see it a lot on the Milan of Taranto motor cycles builds.
Removed the original sport seat.
A quick impression what for a look in seaching.
Removable mounting point at the front.
Making the rear mounting point.
Rear mounting point mounted.
The start off the frame build.
1) Same wide at front as the tank
2) The rear has the same wide at the fender
Starting with the fender.
Draw the shape it needs to have.
Theoretically, this should fit.
Tack it on its place.
Starting with the front.
Slowly getting there.
Welded round.
Grind it.
With rear frame.
Looks from front.
Looks from the rear.
Starts to look good.
Its nor ready jet, but the star is there.
Now I need to get my hands on some fome.
Starting with my seat end stop.
Welded just to hold in place.
Welded complete.
Welded just for measurment.
Welded complete.
Cut the front mounting point flat, so the sheet metal plate will fit.
Sheet metal plate.
Welded just to hold its place.
sheet metal plate at the rear.
Welded complete.
Grinded it complete.
A nice solid end stop, so I won't push against the rear fender.
All symmetrical and in the middle.
The rounding off the tube will be used to smooth out the foam so it curves nicely with the frame.
Got myself some foam pads.
Cut it roughly.
put on some glue.
Divide evenly.
All glued.
Starting with the rough shape.
Pointed up at the tank and rear set to give a smooth look (well that's the idea)
Using the grinder.
It goes quick.
Shape is getting there.
Starting to look OK.
Using a old T-shirt
Giving a better total look.
Needed to paint the rear seat.
Giving a better total look.
It's OK for now, but will be painted again ones everything is working correct.
First impression is good.
Also at the tank it is giving a tight look.
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