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Well, not entirely planned but came home with a new project.

I saw it standing on a Dutch selling site, thought it could be a Motom 48 Super but it looks like a changed L
It has some great parts on it
Here you have here just bought.
It has some nice parts on it like:
1) 180 degree front fender
2) Steering halfs
3) Top half
4) Open exhaust
5) 18 inch aluminum rims
6) Special tank cap
7) Etc
It gives this Motom an other look.
Well, first of all I checked if she would run and that she did. So the next step is to clean here.
Was not expecting a miracle, but she came out pretty good. Will clean here better.
First impression is good. It's a great base to start from.
Looking better.
Mounted a chain.
Cleaned the engine.
It has potential.
Stock L Motom engine (only with a 12mm carb)
Frame number: 125173
Model Frame: 12L
Top frender, is looking tight.
Seat from other Model (not Motom)
18 inches with a nice 180 degree front fender.
Changeable in length open exhaust (need to experiment with this)
And most important, she runs.
Did a quick couple of rounds around the block, but she sounds relatively good.
Will check carb settings and valve clearance.
I'm thinking on the following changes.
1) Mounting the front fender correct (too much space in front, needs to be nice round the tire)
2) Remove the pedals, and make some foot rest at the rear suspension.
3) Find an original Super seat (sport first model)
4) Change the rear fender the same way I did with project 1
5) Mount some white fenders on it to give it the classic/race looks.
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