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Sadly, I Can't manually use third gear, I could not twist my hand that far to select it.
Perhaps it has to do with my length or the angular I welded the clip-ons.
But one thing was sure, needed to change it in order to use the close three speed gear box.
First, I made a quick setup to see if the three speed gearbox was working.
Once I know it was Ok, then it was time to make it perfect.
Internal off the Melior.
Start cutting.
Side gone.
Drilled holes.
Made roundings.
First fit.
Cut pedal.
Shortened pedal, welded it back on.
Welded complete
Grind it clean.
Starts to look Ok.
Start making adaptor.
Two locks.
Start welding.
Mounted, with lock clips.
M6 with angular.
To make sure it can twist.
It can twist now.
The setup.
Working great.
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