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Here you can see how to change your 9mm to a 13,5mm (14mm is also possible)
A normal 14/9/2
14/9/2 (hase the hole above the inlet)
Drill a 2mm hole under an angular. (about 3 degrees)
You end up just above the emulsion tube
You can use a 2mm drill to tap the emulsion tube out.
Here we go.
machine a cone that hase about a 3 degrees angular.
Then tap the cap on the cone (in center)
Ready for machining
First drill to 10mm
Then drill to 12mm
Then machine it to a 13,5 (14mm is also posible)
Here we have 13,5mm with roundings at the front.
Then machine the emulsion tube (shorten it 1,8mm becouse you have 13,5 now)
Enlarge to 1,75mm
Ready for mounting
Ready for riding.
The throttle plate needs to be changed in order to open completely
It hits the top of the carb
Mill about 1,5mm from lieft and right side
Like this.
Now its fully Open
Ready for riding
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