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Today I started on the exhaust, wanted to let it look different and special but stopped half way. It just doesn't look right.
It looks too much tube like, thought when making more bends, it should look special but this turn out not to be the case.
The shape is more like the M from Motom

Well, you can see how far I came
Exhaust begin point.
We start here.
Welded the first bends.
A couple more.
Here I'm at the point that it does not look right.
Thought if I welded it completely and grind it perhaps it looks better.
Here you have it completely grinded, so it looks more like one tube.
Here you have it mounted.
Thought perhaps outside it looks better.
Still not happy with it.
in every angle it is looking not right.
To tube like.
Will need to try something else.
Think I will go for this look.
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