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I'm still having engine problems, it sounds like it is choking on it self ones you give have till full throttle.
It sounds to rich, but dropped the main drastic and the problem is still staying.
Changing the main again.
Almost out of range with my Dellorto assortment.
Tried a 262 B1
Tried a 260 B
Its running within a meter, also stationery is not a problem.
But going to half or full throttle it is choking on it self.
Perhaps to rich are a mechanical failure.
Mounted the stock carb.
Still same problem
Checked the valve free play.
Also looks like its working correct
Had to make sure that mechanical the engine is good, so removed the head for inspection
Exhaust removed.
Valve lever removed.
Piston, first impression is good.
Exhaust vave needs investigation.
A fourstroke piston
GCM pistons
Cilinder is looking good.
Aluminium splitters.
If the valve spring clamped
Strange looking ware at the intake valve
Rings underneath the valves
Big splinter aluminium
15mm Valve
Exhaust dirt
Homemade ring
Ring placed
Not a strong construction
The problem lies at the mounting Bold it is not flat with the surface
First impression is good
Some clown destroyed the valve glider.
Used a drill or something
Everything can be fixed, but that will need to wait.
Opened up my spare engine to see what heads on that.
Its the cylinder with the two rings
Looks like the stock 15mm valves.
Spare head with a 18mm inlet and a 17mm exhaust.
Cleaned the exhaust valve
Star with changing the inlet
Getting better
right untill the end
Smoothing out
All around
Making a spring bracket
rocker arms with springs
Tried a different bobine, the problem is still there
Then I checked the valve timing, here is a shot from piston going up pushing exhaust gasses out.
Making a quick holder
Ready to go
Timing found
Took everything apart to change the camshaft and make some changes to the engine.
Solved many mechanical problems, but at the end the engine still has the same problem.
Head ans other parts on the work bench.
SS camshaft on the bottom, compared with a stock camshaft you can see the difference.
Setting the engine on time.
Exhaust valve goes deeper
Inlet valve
Modified the clutch
Starting good, running bad.
HPI ignition is set correct
Rpm problem zone
It looks like it has a relative high crank pressure
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