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First attempt to let the engine run, sadly today she didn't want to.
Don't know exactly what it is, but she seems to have a very weak spark.
Turnouts the bobine I bought is a 12V bobine and the engine has a 6V setup, could be that the energy created is to weak.

Will need to investigate this problem....
Made everything work, like clutch, throttle, brake.
Connected everything bobine, tacho even the gear shifter.
Made the exhaust ready.
(now its in its right position)
It had fuel, carb is ok.
But I have a weak spark.
Even when using a drill, the spark is weak.
Think found the problem, only the red cable is connected.
It only gives the timing point, there is no energy charged.
Need to remove the flywheel, and reconnect.
The flywheel remover is 22X1MM.
Removing the flywheel nut goes normaly.
1) Left to losen the nut.
2) Right is tighten the nut.
And there she is off, you don't need much force they come off pretty easy.
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